Valentine Day and more…

Hello peepos! Hope you had an amazing weekend.

Let’s delve right into how mine panned out. 

As you know, l received some beautiful gifts from Abei on Sunday, my favorite among it, a lovely teddy called AJ. Fun fact, AJ can speak. Let’s focus before AJ’s abilities take up the entire space. As promised, we had our virtual date.

AJ 🐻& me

We both came to the date with prepared questions and what l would like to call “go with the flow type of questions”, mostly general knowledge. It was a really fun evening filled with lightheartedness and laughter.

When the date was rounding off 😂

The following day, I was still living on the cloud from the previous night. I was excited about meeting my girls for a quick lunch break. Let me give you a little background story here. So my girls and l intentionally decide to hang out at least once in a month. However, at times, where life takes a little more than one jab at any of us and we are feeling overwhelmed, we meet a lot more to encourage the affected sister.

One of my girls was having one of such times and we planned to see her soon. However, in between different schedules, it was decided by the majority that we meet on Monday. I felt that was a bit odd, because mondays are often busy. I really did not see myself making it. So, my girl Mawuena, kept insisting that our friend really needed us and pretty much said things that got me alarmed. l completely wrote off not being present and managed to be able to have a clear schedule after 12. 

The initial arrangement was to meet up at the mall. Mawuena calls me however and says there has been a change of plans and that our friend we needed to see was doing some work with her boss at East Legon so we should move closer to her instead. I had not set off yet, so l asked her to send me the location.

It takes a while for her to send it so l ask one of our friends to send me the new location we are meeting at. She says it’s a really cute coffee shop that l would love and that she is at a beauty spa right opposite it, getting her nails done as she waits for the others.

I ask her how much a pedicure session is as I would love to get my nails done as well. She mentions not to worry and that she will pay for it when l get there. I am taking no for an answer and she is not budging and withholds the price details.

As they have all mentioned, it’s a place l would love. In my mind’s eye, l can see a coffee shop with books and some really good pastry and l can’t wait to see them all. Mawuena tells me that she has arrived and is there with Irene and they are waiting for the others so l should not go to the coffee shop. She says to head to the beauty salon first.

As soon as l arrive, l let them know and head into the beauty salon. I exchange pleasantries with the ladies there. My eyes quickly dart around to see if l would spot any of the girls but l can’t see any of them. I quickly reason, they are probably in one of the inner rooms getting their nails done. The lady at the reception area asks; are you Pearl? I nod and she says so this is a surprise treat for you. As soon as l heard surprise, l knew Abeiku had something to do with it all and just as she was explaining what the package entailed, Abei calls.

I am dumbfounded and numb at this point, l am trying to piece how they pulled this one over me, because l am usually on top of my game with surprises. l love to surprise my people. I zoned out briefly, just staring at the lady. Abei also speaking, l only heard “call me when you’re done”.

Another young lady asked me to sit for a few minutes. The numbness slightly wears off. l call Mawuena and she says well, l am nowhere close to East Legon; l am working from home. I text lrene, only to find out that she’s at the office. I could not believe it.

So the lady ushers me into one of their inner rooms, l get my facials done and it’s the most relaxing thing ever. I get my mani’s and pedi’s done as well. And got served with some champagne.

I am unsure how to express how relaxing and soothing the entire day has been. I had a really lovely weekend and my week began just right and l can only be thankful.

If you have followed this space for a while you would realise, Abei is really thoughtful, a blessing l don’t take for granted at all.

Cheers 🥂 to love, whatever that may mean to you.

Have a surprising week too!

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