Happy Valentine’s Day!

First off, grab your tissues before you begin today’s read. Abei said he wanted this year’s valentine to be special, so he’s inviting me for dinner to a home cooked meal made by him.

I wake up on Sunday, with a chip on my shoulder, really giddy about how the evening would turn out. Service was wonderful, l get back home & it’s one of the few times l wish l had some super power to push the time to about 6pm. I do what l need to do for the rest of the day, deliberately eating light, because my chef has promised finger-licking meals.

As the clock turns 5pm, the clouds begin to form and definitely looks like it may rain heavily. I begin to fret a bit but l dismiss ill-thoughts as Abei’s home now is about 15 minutes away from mine. I set off around 5:45 pm, a few minutes into the drive, the Uber driver’s car begins to make strange noises. I look on nervously as he stops and opens the car trunk to seemingly fix something. You must know it’s raining heavily now, he comes back to start the car and the car won’t start, he tells me the car has developed a fault, apologizes for the inconvenience and asks me to request for another car. I do that and it says a minute away, l am thankful. I step out and the rain welcomes me with such intensity but l am comforted the car would soon arrive. I look out for a while with no car in sight, I take my phone to call only to realize the driver has canceled the ride.

Fast forward, l arrive at Abei’s end, drenched in rain. He opens the gate and his neutral expression turns to raised eyebrows and a slightly open mouth.

“It’s raining,” I say.

“Yes…” he replies.

You remember l asked you to grab your tissues earlier. Well, this is to let you know that scene never happened. It is what happens when you’re made to watch Bridgerton and your imagination runs a little wild. And oh Abei can’t even cook to save his life (something he would deny), the last time he attempted something like that he conveniently shoved onions towards me with the excuse that he has better skills at cutting tomato instead. (He’s good actually. I’m just teasing.) So yeah, l hope your tissues dry your tears of laughter or clean sweats of frustration of your brows and forehead.

So to what really is happening on val’s day; Well it started off with church, as I said. Then Abeiku’s package came through. He’ll be receiving his soon. We’ve planned a virtual date for later tonight which we are both excited about. However that turns out, we’ll talk about it the next time we write.

For those wondering, this year’s Pearple read donation took a different form. We partnered with Women Alliance Foundation Ghana to give the donated books and puzzles to some selected schools in the northern region. Following Covid-19 safety protocols, the entire team could not be present and interact with students and teachers as we would have wished. However, we will keep you updated on the children’s progress with the books. Thank you.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you all and don’t gnash too much!- (Abeiku definitely added this bit)


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