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Hey family! We are back! Today we are sharing with you our favorite dates we have enjoyed throughout the past year. In a year where a pandemic took over, it’s easy to overlook the blessings and joy that have come our way. So let’s not get your hopes high. If you’re expecting a romantic thriller video on this side then I’m sorry to disappoint because it is a lot of bants, jokes, and intentionally planning towards dates. Let’s quickly delve into it. 

A very tough year it was but that didn’t stop us from finding time for each other when it came to doing stuff. As you may already know, February is the month for Pearple Read’s annual book donations and activities with the children who receive the books. 2020 found us in Mampong on 15th February with a truckload of friends. It wasn’t meant to be a date but doing things together that make us happy can count as a date right? To top it all off, we spent some picnic time at the Aburi Botanical Gardens with friends. And oh should I mention what a good cook she is. The food was wonderful and we had a really great time from the drive to Mampong, the drive to Aburi, and the drive back to Accra. 

For me, the date that stood out this year for me was one that involved sharing junk food with Abei. Don’t get me wrong. This was not the first time we had eaten junk food but let’s just say l had a little fantasy of nibbling his food (l know you have probably rolled your eyes and shouted; women) even though I had mine. So it’s something l occasionally mentioned to Abei. When he finally got a chance to be in Accra, he calls me up that he is coming to get me from home so we go visit another friend. He arrives at my end and as l move to sit in the car, the aroma from the backseat hits me. I do a little happy dance as we set off. This was a very relaxed but thoroughly enjoyable date. We sat on the floor at our friend’s, had convos and some good laughs.

Our favorite hangout spot just to talk and be goofy around each other probably has to be Vida e Cafe. We’ve been there a lot and the total amount of the bills we’ve received from there would probably be enough to buy a Benz. Anyway, if this isn’t your first time reading our blog, you should know I am now working in Takoradi and so we don’t have the luxury of seeing each other always. The weekend before I moved to Takoradi, early last year, we decided to meet at Vida e Cafe just to let it all out. It was a very difficult moment but we were very hopeful about the future. So far, still going great. 

Another date, l thoroughly enjoyed was visiting Abei at home, and speaking to his parents and siblings. Although, my nerves are always there. I have never felt unwelcome or out of place. His mum gives the best hugs. His Aunt who is always teasing either of us also gave us some really solid advice. Abeiku’s Dad is what l would describe as the firm but an equally nice one. Someday, l would share some tips on a conversation he had with us both. And he has some smart and witty siblings who always keep the conversation going.

Somewhere in May, during one of the many holidays that the year came with, I found myself back in Accra. We had no spectacular date ideas so I visited Pearl at her aunt’s house. We had ‘planned’ to work on our blog post for that week while there but that we literally remembered that only after I was already home. Oh and should I say, apart from seeing her and getting to spend some time, I loved the food. If that was her way of doing ‘for boys’, then she has already succeeded. I can’t talk about this day without talking about her little cousin. To him, my name is ‘Akuuku’ and any call she receives has to be ‘Akuuku’ on the other end of the line. That is actually a warming feeling. 

With all our dates, that are out of the comfort of our homes, the struggle has never been who pays. It is almost always finding a place that captures the serenity and always makes room for you both to do an activity besides eating. When it comes to paying, we are either going dutch or heckling each other to pay for the other party.

Pearl’s sister suggested Capitol when I was in Accra in the early part of December. It was really worth it. The food was great and we got the waiters to bring us a small cheesecake with a candle while happily singing ‘happy birthday’ to us. It was Pearl’s idea because our birthdays were a week ago but we hadn’t had any cakes and although in the beginning, I was indifferent to the whole show, I was really excited when they showed up with the cake and the whole birthday frenzy.

In my defense, we have always celebrated our birthdays together since you know when. So l just wanted us to continue the mini tradition.

This year we took a road trip that I thoroughly enjoyed. What started as a mini hangout between us in the planning stages (you should know we plan all our dates by now) came to encompass tight-knit friends and family. I had baked the previous day, so I packed some of the baked pies, cut-up watermelons, and packs of beta malt which l had put in a cute ice chest, and l believe we were ready to move. Abei agreed, he would come to get us (my sister and l) at 7. At 6:25, a call comes through from him and he mentions he is outside our gate. We hurriedly scurry out of home and set off. And pick up his cousin and girlfriend and meet up with the other set of people joining us on the trip. Our first stop is at the Royal Senchi. Let’s just say at some points, Abei calls me assistant driver because l am apparently telling him what to do and what not to do behind the wheels.  

I enjoyed Senchi’s serene nature as l am certain everyone else did. We went on a boat cruise and the Phelps among us decided to take a swim in Senchi’s pool after. After a while at Senchi, we made our way to the Maritime Clubhouse to get some food. This is me putting the whole situation lightly. Abei took us in circles trying to figure out the entrance of the Maritime Clubhouse. He finally figures it out. We get through only to be told they were not working. With muffled grunts and groaning stomachs, we set off to Afrikiko Riverfront Resort. We are greeted with highlife, and we see a sign that tells us they are doing a special buffet. So my sister and l quickly grab our plates and make way to fill our stomachs.

We had to go out of the main Akosombo Township to Afrikiko when we found out the Maritime Club was closed but I had to give them a tour of arguably the nicest town in Ghana so we returned to Akosombo after eating. We drove through my alma mater and took some pictures at the roundabout that leads to the dam.

To sum it up, we are really glad despite all that happened this year, we were still able to do a lot of things together. We are excited at the prospect of a new year and just like everyone else, we are praying and hoping for the very best in not only our relationship but in all other aspects of our lives.


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