November Scare

This is a first person narration of how November has been so far-Pearl

1st November

I was up around 3 am feeling sick. I feel tired, struggling to breathe, l have a sore throat and as the day comes to an end, my sense of smell is gone. Not usually how the month starts for me. November has always been a favoured month for me, so l am calling it out as that regardless of how l feel today.

I thank God for life, that he is not limited by my limitations. Thankful for open doors that no man dares shut.

November 3

I just got back from the hospital, per my symptoms everything is pointing towards Covid. I have taken the test, l am to expect result in 3-5 days. I have been given medication.

How do l feel?

I feel very calm for an individual who has been told may have tested positive for Covid-19.


I was more amused by their reaction in trying to break it to me.

Doctor 1: Not to scare you, With the surge in cases, the symptoms you are experiencing plus your temperature, is all pointing in the Covid-19 direction. So l will have you do a full blood count to be certain there isn’t any underlying factor as well as do the COVID-19 test.

Doctor 1: Opens the door for me and asks me to go get the lab work done.

l am ushered to an empty ward, waiting for the COVID-19 test to be carried out.

Doctor 2 :(He shows up fully robed like spaceship leads in cartoon characters)

Image source: Swaraja Google Image

Hello, please relax, this will only take a few seconds.

Doctor 2: Open your mouth wide.

He has a short stick that looks very similar to what is often used to scoop icecream from fan-ice containers. Its purpose is to hold my tongue down as he tries to scoop saliva from my throat.

It’s uncomfortable. He keeps saying relax and let go of your tongue. I believe that is what l am doing but he keeps repeating the same thing. I finally ask: Please how do l let go of my tongue?

Doctor 2: Okay, let’s try this. Imagine your husband kissing you.

If you’re not 18, close your eyes!

P.S : Take this from me, something, you don’t ever tell a writer to do, is to imagine.

In an attempt to imagine, l am questioning if people’s tongues stay down when their spouses are kissing them. l begin to fret.

Husband approach didn’t work so he reverts to just be calm. He manages to get a swab from my throat. I proceed to get a full blood count done.

Back to doctor 1 : (Staring at the results of the full blood count). Good thing is your white blood cells are looking good and that’s why your temperature keeps fluctuating because they are fighting. Whatever the results, you can fight it. Just self isolate for now.

Home and Calls

Left the hospital, got home in a few minutes. Immediate calls to my parents. I contemplate on telling Abei. I reason he is at work and this is not exactly news that lightens up one day. I decide to save him the heartbreak for later. Then I call my boss, break the news and basically hand over work assigned to me in the meanwhile.

My mother’s initial reaction is self- denial. When she comes around a bit to it, this is the perfect opportunity for her to test run all her inner nursing abilities. So from the traditional steam bath to hot lemon water to sobolo. I have had all the mixtures. At this point, I even feel sorry Covid-19, for trying to play guess work with this body.

November 4&5

Self Isolate

⁃ Staying in my room most parts of day and taking a few walks on the compound, should be easy for someone like me right?

⁃ Welp no! I began to think of the possibilities. I was at work on Monday and went to the hospital on Tuesday expecting to be told l have severe malaria not Covid-19. My routine for a while is either being home or going to work and coming home. I do a lot of online church. On days, l work from home, l baby sit my cousin as well. So, l am very particular about transportation around this season.

⁃ With this new information, it seems l was not cautious enough. I try to reflect on where l could have possibly contracted it. Was it on a surface in an Uber? Or was it anyone at home who had contracted it unknowingly? How come no one at home then was showing symptoms but me? Are they all asymptomatic? Or their symptoms were yet to surface?

⁃ My mind drifts back to work. It’s not like l was exactly hugging people or shaking hands but the possibility that someone else could be infected hurts me. There is so much happening at work, self isolation for almost every one of us would cost us, if everyone does the test after my results are positive. I don’t know if l would be able to shake the guilt off.

⁃ My mind goes back home again. My cousin who is 2, is literally in my space all the time when, l am home. If you ever called me and heard me say : “shhhh, Kojo gyae”, that means you’ve encountered Kojo and his mischief. The thought that l could have possibly infected him is damning.

⁃ So l pray that it isn’t Covid-19 and if it is may l be the only one who’s tested positive within my circle at work and home.

Results are In

-I get a call results are in and the doctor would like to see me.

-l said a lowly okay. I panic and fidget trying to get the right clothes. I get a straight dress and set off. I whisper a prayer thanking God for whatever the outcome maybe.

⁃ l arrive and inform the nurse of my intention to get my Covid-19 results. I am actually whispering it through my mask afraid of what the individuals close to me, reactions would be. She points a seat and asks me to wait a while.

⁃ Then calls me to go see a doctor, I do. We exchange pleasantries. Then he hands me the envelope.

⁃ I open it nervously, l am negative huge sigh of relief. He told me l have a type B flu, who’s symptoms are very similar to Covid-19.

Lessons: l am sure you can derive enough, but please wear your mask & stay safe.

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