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Hey people, today, we are going way back. So grab something nice and enjoy the read. 

Pearl from basic school through to senior high school, pretty much liked to follow the rules. I wish l had some wild stories to tell you but l don’t.  I was that child who was prefect, followed the teacher’s instructions and kept a small circle of friends.  The reason why l don’t think it’s such a unique case is because there were several others like me.

To be very honest, we were both ‘prim pro’ (prim and proper). Well I believe I was but I don’t know if my friends share that view. Also, I believe she was a bit way more than I was. 

Also, likely because of my looks, even my peers then treated me like the child amidst them. I remember one instance in class, we were learning about adolescent reproductive health and our teacher mentioned acne as one of likely signs that marks a lady’s menstrual cycle. As lesson the ended, one of the guys sitting behind my friend and l tapped me on the shoulder and when l turned he blurted out;” l told you she was a baby”! I was embarrassed but l acted like a tough kid who nothing gets to.

There’s something I really don’t like talking about too but I was a cry baby. Not because of canes. Those were okay. Sometimes I even wore extra shorts underneath my school shorts to deal with that. The deal was that I could get triggered and cry for something as little as my friends teasing me with a girl I didn’t like or maybe did like. (I honestly never knew.) 

I believe l had a lot of fun and adventure for my age but anytime l have shared it seems my accounts are not as exciting but that’s the people’s problem and not mine😂. So Abei and l were having a conversation once about lives in junior high school and senior high school, we ended up laughing about how we would never have been or even dated if we met at that time.

I used to be really shy of girls, at first, then later, just not interested. I remember my first crush from class 3 or so. I don’t think she ever got to find out. She left for Belgium and I don’t know if that’s one of the reasons I’ve always wanted to visit that country. Anyway, from that time till I got to SHS, I wouldn’t need a finger to count the girl(s) I really liked because there were none. That is also one reason I really am sure I wouldn’t have looked at Pearl twice. 

Speaking about crushes, you know at this point Theo Walcott was mine. When boys made advances at me, l would give them my Dad’s number, often when they called and realise it was my Dad, they would end the conversation abruptly. And you know, then boys rarely say to your face they are attracted to you. They just tell your friends and you get teased unendingly. I also, used to cry when l found out someone like me, so p told my friends not to share with me when someone mentioned they were attracted to me.

In class 5 however, one of the boys in my class made a bold move. My school was not far from home, so l used to walk home. One time after school had closed he took my bag and said he was walking me home. Sir was so ready, he bought fanpop for me and grabbed my bag. As we walked a few minutes away from school and l told him my Dad was home asked if he still would want to walk me home. He handed the school

Bag over nicely and said another time. Now, we look back and laugh at that time. He still says l owe him fanpop.

I would share some; so like every other Junior High School child, l attended funfairs, l just didn’t go for jams because if you know me, you know l have two left feet. (Not strange right).

She’s coming to tell you something she did and if you were a young guy full of energy and zeal at that point in life, Pearl was just the person you’d always fight with for trying to ‘sit on a young man’s orgasm’, for lack of a better term. Basically, she cockblocked a whole year group and I’m proud of her for that 😂 (Although as a young boy myself those times, I’d be mad at her on behalf of my fellow males.)

So you know the after parties Junior High School folks often have after BECE, my batch did not have it. It’s not my fault but when l share the story, Abei thinks otherwise. So my friend who l would call Mars was on some sort of planning committee for the after party, then she came to tell me, a little birdie whispered to her; the guys in our year group were planning to bring condoms to the after party. Mind you, we were in JHS 3, and at that time, that was a big deal. So we didn’t exactly tell all the girls but let’s just say the news spread quickly. We put two and two together that they were definitely not going to use it on themselves so there was no after party.

Our teachers put together a trip for us to Boti falls and guess what none of the Boys showed up😂. Initially we were shocked, but it ended up being a fun girls trip. 

One of the reasons, l stuck to the rules even in senior high school is because, l did not like people speaking to me anyhow. Let me walk you through a typical scenario, you’re to sweep a designated area for example in school, and then you deliberately ignore it, then you’re fished out by a senior and all sorts of insults are heaped on you. Then you are dragged to a housemistress. So I would rather avoid the drama by just keeping to the rules. Did l break the rules sometimes, of course l did, l am Pearl not Saint  Maria. 

She actually is Saint Maria. Don’t mind her. She does something normal and thinks she has committed war crimes. While people like Buhari are still walking on the face of this earth, unbothered and not reaping any punishment for their deeds. #EndSARS 🇳🇬✊

One thing in school l struggled with and broke occasionally was dining. I am somewhat a picky eater, so l struggled. One time l went to get spring rolls after break time and one of our housemiss’s  we were afraid of nearly caught me right after l was about to get into class. Thankfully l was wearing the top of our track suit over my uniform, so l stuffed it into the pocket. Mind you, the spring rolls were fresh and hot. And this woman stopped me to question where l was coming from. I had already seen her lashing some folks. I told her l had been sent to pick up some books for my class from the administration but when l got there, l was told it’s not ready. When she believed me, l knew then God truly loved me. 

See what I was saying. How she thinks this lie she told was a war crime. Ah ah ah 😂. Anyway this reminds me of something that happened in SHS. So I was a day student living in my Uncle’s house (Housemaster, so the house is directly connected to the dormitory.) I used to keep or should I say hide phones for some of my mates. Now there’s this one whose phone I kept. I’ll call him Peter for the purpose of this piece. There was some sort of search in the block and a charger was found in his things. He was questioned by the senior house master because if there was a charger, there had to be a phone somewhere.

Fast forward, I was in an English class when I was sent for. “Mr Nartey says come under the pear tree.” Any AIS student knows what the pear tree in front of Nartey man’s house stood for. I got there and realized that Peter had already sold me out because he was already there and also I wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t. So Mr Nartey said this is going to be interesting and asked me if I had Peter’s phone. I was going to lie but I realized it wasn’t worth it because the owner of the phone didn’t even cover for me. Long story short, we both took 6 lashes on our back and knelt down under the pear tree for hours. Peter got the extra punishment of having to weed. Anyway, as my own punishment to him for selling out, I brought his phone to Mr Nartey with the SIM inside. You know that thing people say when they lose phones. “it’s not the phone that’s paining me but the SIM.” 😂😂

We’ve said a whole lot of stuff and may have probably derailed from the main point of the post a bit but the message we set out to communicate is what Pearl is saying below. 

Basically we are saying it is easy to be pressured into relationships because everyone seems happy in one but there is a season for everything and it will surprise you that even for friendships if you met the people you knew at different times of their lives other than the time you met them you may not likely be great friends.

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