Holding On

Hello guys, it’s been a while, so much happening all over the world, we hope you are safe and well. It’s Pearl here and this is something l wanted to share for a while. So let’s get right into it (lol, l watch a lot of YouTube videos in my leisure time now)!

Special greetings to all Gunners😌🔴⚪️

I am going to share something you probably know already but l sincerely hope it helps someone in a dark space, hold on.

This has stemmed from conversations l had with multiple people. So not to share their story. I would share mine.

I know the period between transitioning from National Service to getting an actual job is tough. A job that you would truly like or believe you can give off your best because it resonates with your passion.

If you’re looking for a naysayer, to shout out the fact that you should not celebrate your graduation or milestones, you’re at the wrong place. We celebrate milestones and wins in this house.

Often l realise people assume “l know people” but if you know me or know any of my friends l am the most reserved person. I love my space. The “other Pearl” most people know is the Pearl that believes work should be executed excellently so if it means being timely or being a people’s person, she will show up and give of her best. So any opportunity l have gotten is nothing short of Grace and seeking those opportunities out(mostly online) myself.

So l had a short contract with an international organization after NSS, something l actively sort out.

Amazing young women to work with,our other teammate Sofie unfortunately is not captured here.

It was a great experience. Then the period of looking for work begins.

It’s tough, you start out all confident that you would ace an offer. You would soon realise people give fancy names to a lot of job offers and the salary is not even equivalent to the NSS monthly allowance.

Then desperation sets in, you begin to hunt “for anything”. That’s where the true danger is. I remember applying for a communication position for an organisation l saw online. What they did had nothing to do with my passion whatsoever but desperation had set in.

So two interviews, the first interview was an aptitude test. I was called that l had made it to the next stage. The next stage was to be interviewed by a panel. The individuals to interview us were late.

They finally arrived, and after the usual tell me about yourself. The gentleman grabs my CV and begins to batter me.  Look, everything l put on my CV the gentleman had this puzzling look, like you really did this?

Male Interviewer: So you did your NSS at that corporation?

Me : Yes 

Male Interviewer : And you claim you did this? I know this person in that organization, should l call and ask?

Me : Yes

Male Interviewer: But why did they let you handle this task? And you did it by yourself? Did they not have anyone else to do this? Are you sure you got a spot award?

Me : Yes 

Male Interviewer: So l can call your bosses?

Me :Yes

There were other demeaning things, at a point l was mentally exhausted and zoned out of the interview. Even though l was physically present and was answering l could not wait to get home.

So although l was overwhelmed, l prayed and really ruled myself out of that job offer because of the encounter l had with the gentleman.

A week after, I received a call from the organization that they wanted to couch a new role for me and not what was initially offered with “xyz amount”  lf  l met a certain sales target.  I told them l would get back to them.

Me, who did not have a job then and had just received an offer was telling them l would get back to them because truly something did not feel right. So I broke the news to my parents that l had a job offer  with xyz offer and my mother asked me what they do.  At this point, l had sent in so many applications and been to a number of interviews. l mentioned, she quickly pointed out how that doesn’t align with anything l do or believe in unless she was wrong.  She asked if l truly understood the requirements before l got my salary, l nodded. She went over  the requirements repeatedly expecting a different answer and l simply nodded.  

Then she asked why l wanted the job. I stated, well look at the salary if l am able to do all that. Then she mentioned, if it was money l was looking for, l might as well follow her to the shop, she will give me the amount they were offering.

So l prayed about it again. And l began to do extensive research on the organization  right from their CEO. Then the news came flooding my search, they had been involved in a number of scandals. All l discovered was enough for me to reach out back to them, thanking them for the offer and declining it.

I began to follow my mum to her shop in Makola. Not because of her money offer, because l was tired of the fact that everything l had tried seemed not to be working. A week into it, l felt l had made a great choice but occasionally the thought crept in, only if l just accepted and met their seemingly impossible demands this l would not feel this way.  

It has been a long ride to getting my current job.  I got my current job based on recommendation. They reached out that l came highly recommended by an individual l had worked with so they would like to speak to me.  Speaking to me involved written down tests and an interview.

Thankfully, l got the job.

We all have goals and dreams. It gets tough when it seems everyone is doing so well. Comparison is a thief of Joy. It is easy to settle, very easy to be hopeless and you may be tired. And that’s okay. 

After an event we organised for one of our clients. (If you know where l did my NSS, you would know God has a sense of humour when it comes to my life.

PS: If you laugh at my top, God will not do you show😩

Don’t give up. I am rooting for you and praying for you. 

First, this is to let you know, l don’t have it all together, not exactly where l want to be yet but l am thankful for where l am now.

P. S: You would receive a piece from us soon, fingers crossed😉

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