Flights & Feelings II

Reading Key

Abeiku: Italics

Pearl: Non-Italic

At this point we left the gentleman who had offered us a seat to look for the driver. He mentioned he was at the arrival area, we were also there but neither of us could locate another. We moved to the parking area. A gentleman who seemed to be looking for someone as well passed by us but he didn’t speak to us, he spoke to the other taxi drivers in Swahili and headed towards the arrival area. When the driver called again, we gave the phone to one of the taxi drivers to speak to him to tell him the exact area we were at the airport. The driver finally found us, it turned out to be the same gentleman who passed by us initially.

Pearl was anxious but I on the other hand was thinking about sleep. I was exhausted. It was dark and the city was not awake yet but we paid great attention to the road, while monitoring our location on Google Maps to ensure we were on the right track. 

With the initial scare out of the way, you would think that was enough drama for one day. Halfway through, it seemed our driver was unsure of the route and the route he had taken was not exactly comforting. So we are dealing with language barrier and my nerves all over the place hoping we would at least arrive safe. After a few dead ends, we arrived at the resort we were to lodge at, it was a beautiful place but at that time we had been through too much to even notice.

We were shown our rooms and interestingly, she was just next door. Ei God it’s not easy 😂. Anyway, I was jet lagged and so the only thing on my mind at that point was sleep, which came to me easily. 

Interestingly back home in Ghana, the few people who knew assumed we were on a honeymoon of sorts and probably in their wildest imagination we must have tore at each other’s clothes when we got to the airport. 


Well, here it’s where it gets real. We had discussed extensively why we were going, including the fact that, there will be no external factors; parents, friends, church folks etc. It was just us. So to burst your bubble and not beat around the bush, sex was not on the table. Was it difficult? Of course (have you seen Abeiku in all his fineness)!

Okay so I was actually going to talk about this next 😂. From the first day of our relationship, we had set it straight and agreed that at no point before marriage was sex going to be an option and that is based on our beliefs so we had to stay true to ourselves. If I tell you it is easy, I am a liar. However, putting in place measures to ensure that doesn’t happen must be paramount because you can’t pray all that burning passion away. We are only human. 

In Dar, we had different rooms. We agreed that after the day’s events, no matter how much we wanted to sleep over at each other’s end, we won’t succumb.  And that was sincerely tougher than l anticipated. While others were busily going ahead of us and planning for outdooring of our children, a few others stepped up to be accountability partners and l truly appreciate you all. Abei’s friend who he calls old man, categorically said that he would call us every 30 minutes once we return from the days event so we don’t get ahead of ourselves. It was done in a playful manner. However, l saw the intent and l respected and appreciated that.

William Orhin lmao. This guy was actually video calling us from time to time, it was funny 😂. 

Ultimately it boiled down to us holding each other accountable. 99.9 percent of the people already assumed, l am definitely returning pregnant. This is in no way suggesting we are better than anyone who has done otherwise. This is me baring my truth and being thankful for Grace to carry us through. I barely slept after what happened from the airport to arrival.

I really don’t understand why she couldn’t sleep because I was gone gone. 6hrs 30 mins to Ethiopia, 3 hours in Ethiopia and another 3 hours from Ethiopia to Tanzania. My body wasn’t going to let me stay awake. 

Our first meeting with other members of the summit was great. Thankfully we met someone who was from Zanzibar who was willing to show us their beautiful island. His name is Seif. The trip also exposed another side of Abei l really appreciated, (Note to Abei: Don’t let your already big head get bigger. My clone wrote this part). I knew he was smart but during the summit, we were in awe of his presentation and reasoning. He was also quite a show off. We were given tasks with regards to the Sustainable Development Goals to do a specific number, guess who outdid everyone, yours truly Abei.

The summit was a great success. We learned a lot and made many great friends we still speak to. Seif got us good deals for our Zanzibar trip. Goodluck, Emmanuel, Herman, Twalaa, Salum, Erica, Jolson, Pish., Eden, Tunse and Joseph, who likes to be called Wakanda. Very great time meeting these people. Also one of the resort staff who brought us breakfast every morning. I had to take my Swahili seriously because of him 😂. By the way, it’s all hype. I no get head like that. 😂

Here’s why l didn’t want to mention names, Abeiku Left Lucy out, really smart young lady and also learnt a lot from her. With regards to finances, we didn’t spend much in Dar, since our food, accommodation and transportation was taken care of already. Yet still Abei insisted each day, we did a mini audit of sorts on what we had spent in the day. All too soon, the summit had come to an end. I was particularly thankful for the friendships, networks that had been established and then we were looking forward to Zanzibar. We had one meeting slated at the United Nations Office in Zanzibar but besides that, we were looking forward to the time to take in the beauty of Zanzibar, unwind and have fun. Seif, Emmanuel and Goodluck greatly helped us in seeing the most beautiful places and trying new food. Zanzibar is a surreal place, it looks like something out of a fairytale. I will leave Abei to detail places we visited and some of the activities we tried.

We left Dar for Zanzibar Island on a ferry. It’s an hour’s journey. I was gutted we wouldn’t be able to go to Kizimkazi to swim with dolphins because of the time factor but we still had a great time in Stone Town. Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is clearly seen in the culture. A great mix of Indian, Arab, European and African culture, with buildings like old fort and their variety of spices. There are so many huge cats on the island. I don’t know why. The night life in Forodhani park is very lively. We also spent some time on Prison Islands (Changuu Islands). It’s an island off the main Zanzibar Island which was used as a prison for rebellious slaves. There’s also a tortoise sanctuary on the island with tortoises that have lived for more than a century. Seif introduced us to the Safari Blue package. We spent a whole day on a remote island and also went snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon and the Indian Ocean. It was beautiful. Guess who ended up drinking ocean water 😂. Her name starts with a P. There’s also this wide patch of sand somewhere in the middle of the ocean which sometimes isn’t visible when the tides rise. We spent a couple of hours there. Sailing on the traditional dhow is a great but scary experience when the ocean isn’t calm. We spent an evening at a carnival in Fumba, a town that seems to be under construction still but looks like a very exciting project. We capped it off with the visit to the UN office in Zanzibar for a meeting, where we met Jolson.

The people we met also represented Tanzania so beautifully. An attempt to mention all of their names may land me in trouble, but l learnt so much from all who were present. I even developed a great friendship with the organisers, whom l initially wanted “to give” because of the airport scuffle.

Anyway, we had another scare. We had a flight to catch in Dar shortly after midnight and we had one ferry to catch to take us back to Dar. The 4:00pm Ferry was the last one for the day so if we missed that, we were automatically missing our flight back to Ghana and we were already running late. You should have seen us dragging our bags through the streets of Stone Town because Emmanuel thought it would be better to walk to the seaport. (He still owes us pictures). We couldn’t continue that way and so we got a taxi and got there just 15mins before time. We were further slowed down by immigration processes. We got back to Dar before 6pm and spent the rest of the evening with Goodluck. We experienced the real Tanzanian life by picking a Daladala (their version of trotro/bus) to the Milimani City Mall. On our way back to get ready for the airport, we picked a Bajaj (pragya). Trying new things always makes me happy. I’m surprised I almost forgot to talk about food. My favorite was chips mayai and chapati. I also liked the Urojo soup in Zanzibar. Mixture of all kinds of things 😂.

I got a bad rep for food. All our new friends found out that l didn’t eat much. Truthfully, l am very stuck in my ways when it comes to food. It takes a great deal to try new things, so if it looks too “foreign” l may likely not try it. The few things l loved were chips mayai, chapati( a snack), and Zanzibar mix mix. I also had some really good chicken wraps at the forodhani park. 

Eden, one of the organizers, always talked about how Pearl was doing ‘shakara’ when it came to food. (He’s British-Nigerian by the way). 

The latter scare was as dramatic as the first scare. It was almost as if  we had to leave in the same dramatic fashion we arrived. But this is an experience, l would not mind doing over and over again without the scares, of course. Tanzania is beautiful. I can’t wait to see other parts of Africa. 

P.S: Abeiku conveniently skipped the fact he had a crush in TZ and in his head everyone was legit hitting on me. Lol story for another day.

Lol no, it is not a conversation for any other day. I had a crush on this beautiful Tanzanian lady. No need to mention her name or even describe her because she may read this and know she’s the one 😂. And I was right about guys hitting on her. At the beginning, many of them thought Pearl and I were just together because we were the only Ghanaians. They didn’t know it was more than that. I noticed with great interest the different ways guys tried moving to her 😂. I think I’ll just leave it here. It’s actually a story for another day. 😂😂


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