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I believe we are all looking forward to part 2 of last week’s post. Well this sequel is a whole year and a couple of months after we first met. We’re here with a revamped site and a lot more to share.

We all have different sides to this story, just know my side is the truth😂. l had to travel in a few days. But our friendship had clearly left the friendship line and we both knew it. As to who would make the first move, definitely not me (l am sorry l let all pro-sisters down).

Well for her to start like this, you definitely know she’s the one going to be telling you the lies. She has her squad and they are really close. They are literally sisters, and you know, these sister figures are usually a problem for many guys when they are trying to get close to their friends. Hers were and still are the complete opposite. Her friends had planned a hangout for her the weekend before her flight and for some reason, let me in on it. (Signs that she was already falling like rain). It was actually a Friday and we were supposed to link up in Osu.

Just so you know, If it was left to her to make the first move, we would probably still be just friends.

So l am getting ready for this trip which l am nervous and excited about. I had not even left home but l was missing home already (A couch potato at heart). So only a few people knew and by that l mean circle of sisters, family and Abei. So the girls suggested we have a night out before l go and knowing my girls, that was quite off. We rarely did night hangouts because l was leaving home to school and although they were in hostels, night outs were not really their thing then. So we agreed to meet in the afternoon around Osu at a specific time. So l leave early to the salon to get my hair done. Go home to freshen up , l begin to make calls to my girls and suddenly can’t reach any of them. So after a few text messages , l reckon something must have come up so they have bailed out on me.

At this point, she was clueless I was in the mix and the only reason the girls were still bailing on the afternoon plan and sticking to the evening link up was me. I had a million and one lectures that day but they really wanted me to be there as much as I wanted to be. This was a sign. I was done with my final lecture for the day shortly before 6pm. I was looking forward to the night.

Around 6pm, l check my phones and l have missed calls from the girls. They have left me messages as well. It’s basically saying they are ready for the hangout. Because l assumed the plan was cancelled, l had resigned myself to staying home. In my neighborhood even if it’s a few minutes past 8pm, it’s dead quiet and getting a taxi is nothing short of a miracle. I explain to them l may not make it if l don’t get a taxi. I ask permission from my folks, they are reluctant but finally give in. I get to my junction, wait for about 15 mins and the first taxi says: 50 cedis. That’s way too exhorbitant considering the distance, so l ask him to go.

My cousin is pretty much a part of the family so we went together. Got an Uber and arrived after 8pm. The girls, as she calls them, arrived shortly after.  We waited for a while.

I wait for a good 20 mins and no taxi hurls by again. I decide to call them and tell them not to bother going cos l can’t make it. We will catch up after l return . I was also a bit mad because they left me hanging in the afternoon. So l thought we had settled it. 10 minutes later, they call and say they are coming to the closest eatery to my neighborhood.

She’s dbee so it’s understandable when she says she can’t make it to Osu at that time. Her squad, however, were really determined to make this happen. Pearl still had no idea I was also there. They had left that bit of info out as a surprise. Another sign. “Me kraa i be the who wey them want take me surprise dema paddie?”

I am a bit surprised but l assume it is their way of making it up to me or they are also really missing me already. So l tell them, if they do make it, l will beg my uncle to bring me to the place because it is quite late.  

They told her if she can’t make it here, we’ll be coming to a place close to hers. So we got a taxi and found ourselves in a restaurant which is about five minutes from her place. She still had no idea I was there and when they called her, she seemed a bit reluctant but she eventually did. Even after this, it was still a game of hide and seek

They call to let me know they have arrived at the eatery A. So l head to eatery A, scan the place and l can’t see them. I call them, only to be told they are at eatery B. I was slightly pissed at this point. So l head over there, open the door and l see the girls to my left and then there are two gentlemen among them, one being Abei.

It was quite a surprise and it had worked out. I remembered at that point that my roommates already thought it was official and I just used to play along everytime they mentioned it. This time, I felt I had the chance to actually make it official because what else could that smile that appeared on her face when she walked in and saw me, mean?  Yeah, I mean like that telenovela kind of feeling.

Surprised is an understatement. One, he had told me earlier he would be really busy that day and he had a friend’s party to attend, plus Chelsea was even playing that evening, so he even showing up was the last thing on my mind.

Let’s just say it was a great night and after about half an hour, I said a short prayer in my mind and mustered up all the courage I had in the world. One funny thing, most of my friends had been assuming we were together a month before this and I didn’t correct them. Looking back, it was quite a risky thing to do and I wouldn’t advise lol because she may have been mad if she found out about that. 

Lol, spot how he is hurriedly skipping through the day’s event. What he is trying to conceal is how nervous he was. Two of my friends stepped out, leaving his cousin, my other friend and me. Then Abei is clinching his phone tightly and asks me to read a text from his phone. Odd right? Why do l need to read a text on your phone? So l lean in to read and it says: If l ask you to be my girlfriend, would you say yes? I reply with “you would have to ask and find out.” This is because this girl doesn’t take hints. Say it with your chest so l hold you by your words. After a little fidgeting on his phone stealing glances at the TV screen in the restaurant, he finally asks. 

My answer is obviously why we are here now, ciao till the next read fam.


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