ABEIKU: Italics

PEARL: Non-italics

Make or Break.

I’m sure this title got you thinking. Don’t worry. No rituals going on here.

Recounting this makes me smile because l gave Abei, a taste of his own medicine and he clearly didn’t like it😂.  Abei likes to pull pranks and jokes, teasing here and there. A conversation we had as we got serious was our genotype.

Everytime I remember what she did, I don’t know whether to be mad or just laugh at myself honestly but at least I’m happy about how it turned out so it’s all good. I hope no one has to be filled with such anxiety though.

Abei insisted I found out what mine was since he knew his. He did because it is a requirement for after you have enrolled in a university. It was part of our school requirement but syringes and the hospital are not my friend, so I managed to give my school administration one excuse after another till. (Let’s keep it our little secret okay, shhh).

My genotype is AS and so I am particular about this because I have seen what people with the SS status go through. I wished I was AA though, so I wouldn’t have to be bothered about such things. Anyway, this was another moment that had us walking on eggshells.

So prior to me going to check for what it was, we discussed fully what the possibilities were.  If l wasn’t AA, we would have to call it quits regardless of how much we loved each other. I wish  the emotions were as simple as l have put it. We are a people of faith, we believe that with God nothing is impossible, however also did not want to “test” God if it turned out otherwise. So, tough decision but we agreed.

We agreed but did we really agree? Like just let it all go? That would be massive. Thinking about it though, sometimes there’s no need to create problems just because you think God can fix it. “Maybe it is not His will” was what I was going to use to convince and console myself if it all went south. 

Ha, thinking about it, school asked me to get this done, l didn’t but guess who was willing to find out now all of a sudden. 

Look at this young lady. Love was able to push her mumu button. Her school had required this of her for the past few years but it took love to get her to go and get it checked. When you’re falling, what can stop you?

So l got to the hospital, got it done and per the result, l was AA. I was thankful, then l began to devise my plan. Just so you know, he was texting and calling all through, l had to at a point tell him to chill out as he was making me nervous. I quickly texted him that l was done at the hospital and he inquired what the results were. I told him it’s best l get home and video call or call as a text message wouldn’t be appropriate for the news.

When l got home, l waited for about 30 minutes then texted him something along the lines of; l was home and thankful for the time we have been together but it seems this is the end.( l know too far and dramatic).

Ei you can imagine your boy at that moment. She lost me at “thankful for the time…” because I knew what was coming after that. Maybe if you heard I was on the end of a rope, it was not suicide but murder because she was trying to kill me.

He called and said we should scratch our initial agreement and let’s research on what the possibilities are. He kept asking what exactly the results were and l was just going in circles. l got tired, nervous and anxious and couldn’t keep up so l sent him a full screenshot of the results. Your man was relieved.

This put a lot of things in perspective for me though. If ever faced with such a situation in the relationship where splitting up would actually be for a good purpose, was I going to react selfishly as I did in this situation? 

You can share with us if you’ve ever come across such situations, and the path you took.


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